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Musculoskeletal injuries, impairments, and inefficiencies can plague anybody, from the average office worker or "weekend warrior" to full-time professional athletes. If you're trying to overcome a painful problem or optimize your physical performance on and off the playing field, you'll want to know about the Fusionetics in Orlando and Longwood right here at Allcare Medical & Injury. This state-of-the-art system can help you discover exactly where your body needs help and exactly which exercises can help it achieve its full functional potential.

What Is Fusionetics?

Fusionetics is a company founded by Dr. Micheal A. Clark, one of the nation's leading experts in the science of how human beings move. His company has tapped the skills and research of many skilled therapists, doctors and other practitioners, distilling their years of study and analysis into a comprehensive, scientific system for improving human performance and rehabilitating injuries. The Fusionetics system has been enthusiastically adopted by leading sports organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, Kansas City Chiefs, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzlies, just to name a few. But it's equally effective for military personnel, youth athletes, senior citizens and anyone else who needs to improve their functional health, strength, and range of motion.

It's the scientific approach that sets Fusionetics apart. Our Orlando and Longwood chiropractor will have you fill out a questionnaire and take a movement efficiency test so we can determine the precise nature of your injury or physical limitation. By analyzing your movement patterns, we can discover the underlying cause of your current problem while also noting how any abnormalities might lead to future injuries or chronic pain. All of this data is entered into the Fusionetics system's algorithm to come up with a personalized recovery and training plan that matches your particular needs and goals.

An Innovative Aid to Physical Therapy, Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

Our Fusionetics in Orlando and Longwood combines in-person training and monitoring with the accuracy and convenience of modern computerized solutions and interactions. you may find that some of the recommended physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises require the use of our clinic, while others can be done in your own home. Periodic scheduled check-ins allow our Orlando and Longwood chiropractor to monitor your progress and adjust your sports injury treatment or training regimen accordingly. The result is uniquely safe, effective, personalized path to better function, less pain and faster healing.

Learn More From Our Chiropractor in Longwood and Orlando FL

Whether you're getting ready for a big athletic event, struggling with nagging musculoskeletal pain, and simply trying to keep yourself as injury-free as possible, Fusionetics can play a major role in moving you toward your goals -- and our chiropractor in Longwood and Orlando FL will be happy to give you all the details. Call Allcare Medical & Injury today at 407-774-6800 to schedule a consultation and find out whether Fusionetics makes sense for you!

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