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Hair Restoration

Are you searching for a natural, non-surgical treatment for hair restoration that's effective? Our therapies have the ability to revive hair follicles allowing the hair to restore and regrow itself.

Hair loss is a natural process as we age. Most often, balding and hair loss is associated with men, but women also experience thinning or loss as they age. While women are not subject to the typical signs of hair loss exhibited by balding on the back of their head or the receding hairline, they still experience loss of quality and texture.

Hair Restoration Results Orlando

If you have started to notice the signs of hair loss, considerable amounts of hair falling out in the shower or on your pillow when you get up in the morning, or if your hair just doesn’t seem to be as full and luxurious as it once was. Fear not! Science and technology have proven hair restoration remedies. These solutions do not require harmful drugs, invasive surgeries, or complicated procedures. We understand that thinning hair and hair loss can be embarrassing and have quite a significant effect on your confidence.

Hair Restoration Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma is a procedure that is both safe and effective for hair restoration. PRP is great for both men and women who are experiencing loss or thinning of the hair and want an alternative to surgery or drugs.

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PRP is a natural, injectable treatment in which platelets are obtained from your own blood. These platelets contain a vast amount of growth factors. By separating the platelets from the rest of the blood sample, they become a concentrated plasma; the plasma is then re-injected to the affected area delivering a powerful boost for growth into the scalp and hair follicles.

What Causes Hair Loss?

As our bodies age, so does our hair, and over time our hormone levels begin to decrease. Increased stress levels combined with decreased hormone levels and diminished hair follicles all contribute to hair thinning, loss, or balding.

For women, hair loss may simply be hereditary. If you notice your mother’s or grandmother’s hair changing in thickness or quality over time, similarly to what you have experienced, this may be the case. Losing fullness in the hair may be a result of hypothyroid, Lyme disease, or alopecia. Thinning may also be a result of pulling hair too tight. In men, we see three major areas affected by hair loss: the top of the head (or the crown), a receding hairline, and an overall thinning over the entire scalp.

Hair Loss Causes OrlandoWe now have the ability to stop the hair cells from continuing to decline while also stimulating regrowth using your own body.

Our doctors are leading the way with this cutting edge technology helping clients regain their self-confidence and get back to feeling like themselves again. Whether you are suffering from hair loss or want a way to stop the progression while actually stimulating natural hair growth, PRP may just be the solution for you.

If you are looking for non-surgical treatment for hair restoration in Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Longwood, or any city in Orange County, call our medical clinic today at (407) 774-6800 for a complimentary consultation.

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