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Treating Thinning Hair With PRP

Both men and women commonly suffer from hair loss with aging, and treating thinning hair with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is an option that is growing in popularity for a good reason. It offers a natural, minimally invasive alternative to struggling with the embarrassment or undergoing painful surgeries.

By permeating the scalp with growth factors, hair follicle growth is triggered, encouraging and stimulating new hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma offers a long-term solution for thinning hair, receding hairlines, and balding.

How Does PRP Help With Hair Loss?

How Does PRP Help With Hair Loss?PRP injections are used to help a myriad of physical conditions – both for anti-aging or aesthetic purposes and to treat painful conditions as well.

The way that PRP works is the same across treatments. A small sample of the patient’s blood is drawn in the clinician’s office and then spun at high speed in a machine called a centrifuge. This separates the plasma from the red blood cells.

The concentrated plasma is then injected into the affected area being treated on the patient. There are so many incredible components within plasma that contribute to healing and healthy cell production. That is what gives PRP its ability to accelerate recovery so substantially across so many conditions.

In treating hair loss, these growth factors and other components go into the scalp and work together with the body’s natural recovery process to spur on creating new, healthy tissue. Increased production of healthy hair follicles then encourages new hair growth, and over time, you may see a full head of hair again.

Causes of Thinning Hair

Most men experience some form of hair loss by the age of 35. More than 80% of men see a “marked” thinning of their hair by the time they are 50. Women experience it, too.

While hair loss can be hereditary, often the reason for the baldness is too much testosterone within the body. When there is an excessive amount of this hormone present in the body, it gets converted into another hormone called DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. DHT actually makes hair follicles smaller, making it all but impossible for healthy hair to keep growing.

While you mostly hear about the presence of testosterone in men, women have it, too, albeit in much smaller doses. It is also the presence of DHT in women that can create the same effects of losing healthy hair growth by reducing healthy hair follicles, which leads to hair loss.

There are other causes for hair loss in both men and women, such as hormonal changes, genetics, and even some health conditions.

Regardless of why you are losing hair, platelet-rich plasma injections may be able to help.

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