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Simple Tips to Reduce Aches and Pains

Tired of feeling achy and sore all the time? Luckily there are several simple tips to reduce aches and pains you can do right from home!

1. Start exercising

There are a large number of benefits from exercising, with improvements that can be noticed in practically all facets of life. As far as reducing aches and pains go, did you know that those who exercise regularly and stay flexible are able to manage pain better than those who don’t? It actually improves your pain threshold, whereas dealing with chronic pain can lower it (meaning it is easier to experience pain). Plus, certain exercises can help reduce pain from everyday activities – such as squats helping with actions like taking the stairs.

Depending on the injury or stress your body is healing from, you probably don’t want to start off with anything too major. But a light cardio exercise, such as a brisk walk – either in nature or at the gym – can be a great place to start for most. If that aggravates any joints, you can swap it out for the elliptical, or even safer still, swimming. High-impact exercises aren’t recommended for those looking to ease aches and pains.

Tips to Reduce Pain Lake Mary2. Apply cold or warm compresses to the painful area

Cold compresses are generally used for an acute pain or injury, so within the first 24-48 hours of the flare-up. Warm compresses are better for chronic pain, or after the initial swelling has worn off (generally within 24-48 hours).

In fact, alternating hot and cold compresses can help increase the blood flow to an area, which facilitates the body’s natural healing process.

The application of an ice pack or cold compress constricts the blood vessels and the surrounding tissue, reducing blood flow to the injured area, which can actually reduce the damage done to the area by slowing inflammation.

Alternatively, applying warmth to the area can increase the blood flow to the area through dilating the blood vessels and aiding in muscle relaxation.

When used alternately, they work together in tandem and can help the body heal quicker.

3. Try adding turmeric to your diet

The spice turmeric has been used to aid in many ailments around the world, from heartburn to memory problems, and even stress or depression to high cholesterol. What it is perhaps best known for, however, is aiding in reducing inflammation, which can help provide relief for aches and pains.

Turmeric is easily recognizable by its distinct, vibrant yellow color, which it gets largely from one of the main chemicals, curcumin. If curry is your idea of good take out, you might want to help yourself to one loaded with turmeric and enjoy the benefits!

4. Sleep better

According to a fascinating 2012 study available in the December issue of the publication Sleep, after just four days of increased sleep, participants who got more sleep could withstand up to 25% more pain than their less-well-slept counterparts. The researchers were impressed with the speed of the results and hypothesized that with more sleep on a regular basis, even more impressive findings might be evident.

Think about it – how do you feel after a night of poor sleep? Irritable, cranky, with a short fuse? It only makes sense that your pain threshold is affected in the same way as your temper!

For more permanent treatment of aches and pains, contact our caring team of medical professionals and let’s see how we can help you.

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