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Non-Surgical Treatments for Chronic Knee Pain

You don’t have to live with debilitating knee pain anymore. There are non-surgical treatments for chronic knee pain available at Allcare Medical & Injury.

Unfortunately, the approach of most conventional medical practitioners is to manage the pain. That is the bulk of what med school teaches these days – how to deal with symptoms, what drugs to prescribe or recommend to mitigate the pain, and when to refer to a specialist or surgeon. None of that fixes the root cause of the condition that is creating the pain. And surgery can be incredibly painful, expensive, time-consuming, and risky.

That’s where our treatments are different. Our goal is to treat the problem at the source, naturally. If you fix the cause of the pain, there’s no more pain and no more problem. But how do our treatments work for knee pain? What does it entail?

Safe and Effective Treatments for Chronic Knee Pain Lake Mary, FL

Safe and Effective Treatments for Chronic Knee Pain

At Allcare Medical & Injury, we offer platelet-rich plasma injections (also called PRP for short) for safe and effective pain relief treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma takes a concentration of the patient’s own plasma – the white blood cells and other healing components within the blood – and injects it into the damaged knee. The platelets and other elements within the plasma work together to encourage a healing response from the body, helping to repair the damaged tissue that is causing the problem.

PRP is minimally invasive, is a quick and nearly painless procedure and patients are usually back to their normal lives immediately afterward.

If you want to find out if you are a contender for prp injections for chronic knee pain, we invite you to set up your complimentary consultation by calling our clinic today.

How Do Our Patients Feel About Us?
  • "Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on my husband's back. I think he came home a new man! After months of pain, he said he could finally breathe again… Thank you for the great work! "

    Sarah A.
    Orlando, FL
  • "Thank you so very much for your care and concern. We appreciate your approach to these problems and the subsequent improvement over the pain! We thank you a whole bunch - for everything!"

    Roger and Fran
    Orlando, FL
  • "I was most impressed on the one visit where "I" was personally thanked by the doctor for taking such good care of MY health! WOW! This doctor makes me feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk to. Thank you again for making me feel comfortable and taking such good care of me."

    Mary D.
    St. Albans, VT