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5 Neck Stretches for Pain Relief

Neck pain is something that anyone at any age can experience. There can be many causes, such as a car accident or age-related degeneration. No matter what’s causing the pain, it can impact your everyday life and make it uncomfortable to get through the day.

There are many ways to help relieve neck pain, and stretches can be a simple way to achieve this. Some stretches address the shoulders, as the shoulders can cause pain in the neck. Below are five simple stretches you can try at home.

Clasping Neck Stretch

  • To begin this stretch, sit down in a chair. Clasp hands together while bringing both palms to the back of your head.
  • Pull your chin down slowly towards your chest and away from the shoulders.
  • Hold in place for 30 seconds and slowly lift your head and release your hands.
  • Repeat these a few more times if it feels comfortable.

T-Spine Rotation

  • Find a comfortable spot on the floor and get on all fours. Place your hands shoulder-width apart with the elbows slightly bent and your knees about hip-width distance apart.
  • Place one hand behind your head and lift your elbow and head up to one side. You should be looking up slightly and opening the body.
  • Slowly lower your head and bend your elbow. Make sure your head and elbow are moving at the same pace, in one continuous movement.
  • Try repeating this about 10-20 times with each side of the body.

Corner Stretch

  • Facing a corner of a room, stand about two feet away.
  • Make sure your feet are placed together, with forearms placed on each wall. Your elbows should be slightly below shoulder height.
  • Lean in as much as possible. You should feel a stretch in the shoulder and chest.
  • Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds and repeat as desired.

Neck Drop and Raise

  • This stretch can be done three to five times a day. This stretch increases flexibility and mobility by working the front and back of the neck.
  • Standing up straight or sitting down, gently drop your head forward until your chin touches your chest.
  • Hold this position for about 5-10 seconds and return to the starting position.
  • Slowly lean your head back and hold this position for 5-10 seconds.
  • Repeat this stretch about 5-10 times.

Neck Extension

  • While standing or sitting, slowly extend the neck by looking up and bringing the head backward as far as possible, all while keeping the shoulders and back still.
  • Once the head is as back as possible, try to hold this position for about 5 seconds and then return the head back to the starting position.
  • During the neck extension, a stretch should be felt along the front of the neck through the throat. A stretch may also be felt at the back of the neck from the skull base down the upper back.
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