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Conditions Helped by Back Braces

Conditions that Benefit from a Back Brace

Lower back pain or discomfort in your back requires proper treatment and management. When the problem persists for an extended period or you notice severe pain that interferes with your normal activities, you may want to consider treatment from a chiropractor in Longwood and Orlando FL to address the underlying problems. In some cases, a chiropractor in Orlando and Longwood will suggest a back brace to assist with pain relief.

this is a chiropractor explaining how a back brace can help florida residents with chronic back pain

What is a Back Brace?

A back brace is a tool used to alleviate back pain and support your spine. Determining how back braces relieve pain depends on your condition and situation. It may help with pain management by supporting your spine and improving your posture. It can also help by limiting the motion in your back, stabilizing a weak structure in your spine or even slowing the progression of a deformity in your back. Back braces for pain relief in Florida focus on addressing the problem and allowing your body to heal.

Common Conditions a Back Brace Helps

When you seek back pain treatments in Florida, you want to treat specific conditions or problems that contribute to your discomfort. Since the brace is versatile, it treats a variety of common conditions in the back.

The conditions that may benefit from a back brace include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal deformities, such as scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • General lower back pain
  • Poor posture or pain stemming from posture-related problems
  • Weak structures in the back and spine
  • Injuries to the back and spinal cord from an accident
  • Strained or sprained muscles in the back
  • Osteoporosis or similar conditions in the spine and bones
  • Whiplash that causes pain in the back

A chiropractor in Longwood and Orlando FL may suggest a back brace as part of a treatment process. Back braces for pain relief in Florida provide support to your back and spine while your body heals.

How to get a Pain Relieving Back Brace in Florida

Determining how to get a back brace in Florida depends on your situation and health. You may qualify for Medicare back braces for Florida residents when you obtain Medicare. In other situations, your insurance provider may offer options to help with the cost of the brace.

Generally, a professional must determine that you need the brace and then offers a prescription for the appropriate type of back brace for your situation and health. At our clinic, we suggest the brace when you need additional support in your back to limit your mobility while you heal from an injury or to help with specific underlying health concerns. We help you find the right brace after identifying your needs and the cause of your pain.

Treating back pain starts with identifying the problem and taking steps to alleviate the underlying complications. In our clinic, we use a combination of natural treatments and back braces to help with several conditions in the back and spine. To learn more about treating back pain in Florida, call (407) 774-6800 today.